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3D Roulette

There’s no denying that roulette continues to be one of the most popular casino games regardless if it’s at an online or a land-based casino. Today every online casino offers some version of roulette whether it’s American or European roulette. So how does one version of roulette set itself apart from the rest?

Recently Playtech launched their latest version of this popular game, 3D roulette. Playtech’s new version of the game boasts stunning graphics and simplified gameplay based on the rules of European roulette. The game’s visuals help create a 3D like effect making it seem like the wheel is popping out of your screen.

The Game’s Theme

A beautiful and elegant looking roulette wheel sits in the center of the screens on top of a black background. The wheel is easily the star attraction and truly has a beautiful look and feel to it. The spinning animations are smooth and fun to watch. Above the wheel you will find the standard grid with one slot for zero. While you spin the wheel, you’ll enjoy some relaxing music playing in the background. The look and feel are very classy and elegant and give a luxurious kind of vibe when while your playing.

The Game’s Features

To the right of the wheel you’ll find your different betting options. Here you can click on the chip amount you wish to bet. Once you decide how much you want to bet you can click anywhere on the grid above the wheel and place your chip on the desired spot. To the left of the wheel you will find the racetrack which allows you to place special bets on your next spin. For example, you can highlight a group of numbers and when you click that section of the race track a chip in the amount you selected will be placed on each of the numbers in the group you selected on the racetrack. It’s important to pay attention when choosing to place a bet on the racetrack as you can easily end up betting much more than you planned on.

Additional Information

Playtech’s 3D roulette allows you to place bets of varying amounts. You can select a chip amount as little as 0.01 and up to as much as 25. If you accidentally placed too many chips on the board don’t worry. You can hold the shift key and click your mouse on the board to reduce your bet by the value of the last chip you selected in the betting window on the right side of the screen. 3D roulette is based on the European version giving players a slightly higher advantage as opposed to American roulette where the house has the better advantage.

Software Provider

Playtech was originally founded back in 1999 and has become the world’s largest online gaming software supplier working with vendors and operators around the world. Playtech continues to lead the way in gaming innovations with new games being released on a regular basis. Their library of games has grown exponentially over the years. Most online casinos today will have a few of Playtech’s games in their lobbies. Playtech is currently listed on the London stock exchange.

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