Who we are?

KingCasino.CA are a collection of Canadian online casino and slots lovers and former workers at online casinos. We know online casinos from the inside and outside. With years of playing and working experience we know what we’re talking about. Our mission is to review as many sites as we can and share with you as much knowledge as we can making you a better casino player in the process.

For years we’ve compiled many tips, tricks and some great knowledge on subjects like bonus offers, wagering requirements & terms and conditions, and where to find the best sites catered to the Canadian market.

We keep getting asked all sorts of questions about the world of online gaming, so we finally decided to create KingCasino.CA to make it easier for veteran and new casino players to get all their casino news and info in one place.

With so many new sites being launching every month finding a good bonus offers can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. How do you know which offer to take and which offer to pass on? How do you know which site deserve your hard-earned cash and which site will give you the most for each deposit you make? By letting us do the heavy lifting you don’t have to find out the hard way.

The way we determine which sites to recommend and which to pass on depends on the following criteria.

Fair and honest gameplay

In order to recommend a site to our visitors we need to ensure these sites are fair and adhere to strict rules and regulations holding them accountable for their actions. In the past it was very easy for an online casino to take your deposit however when it came to withdraw your winnings it could sometimes become a nightmare. Sites also need to adhere to responsible gaming regulations making it easier for you to stop gambling if you ever decide you need to stop or just want to take a break from it all. We only recommend fully compliant online casinos.

Great customer service

Like we said earlier many sites make it very easy to deposit your money and play but a good online casino also needs to make it easy for you to get a hold of their support team when you encounter any kind of issue. What if you find yourself making a deposit expecting to get a bonus and nothing happens? It’s good to know there is a dedicated support team available 24×7 to make sure your issues get resolved as quickly as possible. Most online casinos will offer phone support, email support and even live chat support giving more options to get assistance if ever it’s needed.

Make deposits in Canadian dollars

Some websites will advertise to Canadian players offering attractive offers and a fun selection of games but forcing you deposit in other currencies such as Euros or British Pounds. We will only promote online casinos that have offers in Canadian dollars. If they don’t allow you to pay in your local currency you shouldn’t be playing on the site to begin with. No one wants to pay an additional conversion fee for exchanging Canadian dollars into some other foreign currency.

Clear and visible terms and conditions

In the past many players would have to dig deep to find a website’s terms and conditions in order to understand what the offer they were getting was all about. Even worse than that most of the terms and conditions were written in such a confusing way that it made it hard to understand even if you did manage to find and read the full terms and conditions. Over the years many new regulations have been introduced to help make it easier for players to better understand what they are getting before they make a deposit. Online casinos have now begun writing significant terms and conditions directly under an offer on a website or in an email which explain the most important part of an offer. In addition, you can usually find a dedicated page for certain offers like the welcome bonus which will give you the full terms and conditions of the offer.

Fast and easy withdrawals

We all know how easy it can be to make a deposit. There are tons of available deposit options on most online casinos to make sure if you can’t deposit with your credit card you can still deposit with another service. However, some websites don’t make their withdrawal process as easy. Sometimes you can get wrapped up in tricky terms and conditions which tie up your money and force you to keep wagering your winnings until you’ve got nothing left in your balance. Or sometimes you might need to wait days before your withdrawal request is reviewed and approved causing you to possibly reverse your withdrawal and keep playing. We make sure the online casinos we promote have fast and easy withdrawal options. We ensure you can get access to your winnings with the least amount of delay.

Proper support for Mobile gaming

Many players today enjoy playing on the go. We don’t always find the time to sit at home in front of our computers to play or maybe we just want to pass a little free time during the day. That’s where mobile gaming comes in. Many online casinos will have apps on the Appstore or the Google Play Store while others will be optimized for mobile browsers meaning you don’t need to download an app and can therefore play directly from your mobile phone’s web browser directly. If an online casino does not support mobile play, then they don’t make our cut.

Alternative payment options

Most online casinos encourage players to make their deposit using a credit card like Mastercard or Visa. This is the simplest and easiest way for most online casinos to process deposits. What happens when you can can’t use your credit card or have some restriction placed by your credit card provider? This is why many online casinos offer multiple deposit options or e-wallets which allow you to open an account with one of these third-party providers and can usually be linked to your credit card. This allows many players to make deposits without having to use their credit cards directly. Many websites that cater to Canadian players will also offer Interac which allows Canadian casino players to deposit using their bank’s debit card. There are also services which can use your phone bill to make a deposit adding the amount you deposit to your monthly phone or cellular bill. With so many different options available we recommend reading up on each one before deciding which service to use. Some service will also allow you to receive your withdrawals while others can only be used to make deposits only. It’s up to you to see which service suits you best and which services allows you the most flexibility.

What makes KingCasino.CA different

We work hard to find all the best offers and explain all the difficult and frequently asked questions you may have. We’ve been there too. Some review sites are simply translated from other languages which create cookie cutter websites which look and feel very robotic. The offer may not be specific to Canadian players. We pride ourselves on being Canadians who cater specifically to the Canadian market. Our site focuses on finding Canadians the best bonus offers so you can get the most bang for your buck. We also focus on safe and secure online casinos with 24/7 customer support and simple and easy payment options as well as being able to easily access your winnings.

We read the fine print

We’ve all been there when we find a new site which looks great and has what seems like a great offer to boot. Only after signing up and depositing do you realize the offer you just claimed is not as good you originally thought.

That’s where we come in. We take the time to sort through the fine print and read through all the terms and conditions. We also understand how wagering requirements work since we know this can get confusing at times. If you don’t understand the terms and conditions of the offer, you’re getting you can wind up feeling cheated and foolish for even making a deposit in the first place.

Most people don’t bother to take the time to read the fine print on an offer. Many offers today will have what’s known as significant terms and conditions which will appear directly under and offer on a website or email. The significant terms do not cover all the terms and many players will fail to read the full list of terms and conditions before claiming a bonus.

We have spent years going over all the fine print when it comes to all the different bonus offers available today so you can rest assured if there’s a new bonus offer coming out tomorrow we’ll be sure to get on top of it and make we understand exactly how it works.

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