Are People Betting More During Lockdown?

Are People Betting More During Lockdown?A recent poll taken in the United Kingdom by Survation has shown an increase of 38% among casual gamblers in deposits. It is no surprise with more and more countries placing their citizens under lockdown people are desperately searching for fun ways to pass the time. On top of all this, organized sports have also been postponed or cancelled for the remainder of the season. NBA, NHL, MLB, and more have all ended their seasons. Therefore, it is no surprise people are turning to playing at online casinos. But what kind of an impact is the lockdown having on online casinos? Are casual gamblers betting more? We have put together a little something on this.

Online Casinos are Seeing More Depositors

Since March of this year, many Canadian online casinos around the world have reported an increase in the number of deposits and new depositing players since the lockdown was placed in effect. In fact, many online casinos have seen an increase of almost 30% in revenue. This is a clear indication that casual and heavy gamblers are spending more than they normally would before the quarantine began. With no foreseeable end in sight, how do gambler make sure they don’t go overboard and spend more than they can afford to. Even worse is the fear of getting into serious debt. So, what can be done to protect players and make sure they avoid any future problems?

Some Countries are Taking Action

Across the pond the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) has begun implementing new laws and regulations in response to this. As concerns continue to grow new laws are being introduced such as a recent ban on the use of credit cards. UK gamblers can no longer make deposits using their credit cards. Further to this, new limits are being imposed on how much players can deposit per day. In order to increase their limits players, need to send in documents proving they can afford to make more deposits.

How is This Affecting Canadians?

Currently in Canada there are no new laws being implemented to restrict or reduce a player’s ability to deposit and play. This does not mean new laws and regulations won’t be implemented moving forward. If the forced lockdown continues perhaps new laws will need to be created in order to help protect players more likely to spend beyond their means. So, what can Canadians do?

Self-Imposed Limitations

For now, it’s up to us to make sure we don’t overspend or get caught wasting hours online. Before you make a deposit, it might be a good idea to check your finances. Check your bank account to make sure you can cover the money you plan to deposit at your favourite casino. Budget out how much you can afford to spend and put that money aside for your online gambling. If you find yourself unable to get a hold of your spending be sure to seek professional help and talk to your friends and family for support.

With no end in sight to this global pandemic it’s unclear how much longer we’ll be forced to stay home. It is up to us to make sure we spend responsibly and don’t go beyond our means. Stay safe and good luck on your next bet.

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