Canada has Begun Reopening Casinos Across Canada

Canada has Begun Reopening Casinos Across CanadaSince the start of the year the world has experienced changes like never before. These included changes to our daily lives. In some cases, these affected some of our favourite pastimes and leisure activities. After almost half a year of being closed in Canada, land-based casinos started to reopen their doors to the public. Since last month many land-based casinos are now slowly beginning to accept the public again.

In the meantime, the current pandemic affecting the world has not gone anywhere. In fact, many experts believe until there’s a vaccine life will not go back to how it used to be. So, with chances of infection still out there how are casinos preparing to accept customers to their venues? Are there still risks associated if you visit your local casino? If you are like us, we know you want to know more about how casinos are preparing. What measures are being taken to ensure our health and safety are protected?

What happened until now

When the Corona virus first hit many people were not sure what to expect or how this virus would affect people’s day to day lives. In order minimize the spread of the disease the government decided to close many places of business which were considered a high risk to catch the virus. One of the many places affected were land-based casinos. Due to the high volume of people traffic and use of confined spaces the risk of getting sick was higher. Therefore, a decision was made to close all casinos across Canada. It wasn’t until September that casinos slowly began to reopen their doors to the public.

Casinos reopen for business

This past September it was officially decided land-based casinos across Canada could reopen their doors to the public. However, it is not as simple as that. Before any casino can open to the public a new set of rules and guidelines needed to be implemented by the government. These were set forth as requirements to being allowed to reopen for business. The rules in place are meant to safeguard customers and casino employees from catching the virus or worse yet, helping it spread to more people.

New guidelines to reopen

In order to go back to business as usual or however close casinos can get to it, new rules and regulations needed to be setup and implemented by each casino.

First off, every casino will need to take the temperature of each and every person wanting to come inside. Anyone with a high temperature will not be allowed in. There will be a casino employee at the entrance to the casino who will stop you to take your temperature. Failure to agree to having your temperature taken will also deny you entry inside.

All casino employees will need to wear masks while working on their shift They will need to wear gloves. This is meant to help reduce the risk of staff getting sick or passing on the virus to the casino’s customers.

Although casinos were given permission to reopen most amenities have been cancelled. There are no shows to enjoy and all the restaurants are also currently closed. Some casinos are only serving non-alcoholic drinks.

Some casinos have decided to forgo table games entirely and only offer a limited selection of slot games and games like video poker and video blackjack. They prefer not to have people sit close together at a table.

Bigger emphasis on health and hygiene

In order to minimize the spread of the Corona virus among customers and staff at local casinos new rules and equipment have been setup. Casinos will be restricted to the number of gamblers that can enter the casino at the same. This is meant to help create more space and distance between players. There will be hand sanitizers placed at ever machine and every table so players can wash their hands before playing. Chips used in table games will also be disinfected and cleaned before being handed over to players for use.

Taking it one step further most casinos will require their staff go through proper training before they reopen to the public. Casino employees will need to learn to keep clean and wear masks at all times. They will also try and minimize any direct contact with players. The training is meant to help the staff be prepared for different situations as well as learn how to implement and follow all the new rules and regulations.

Infections on the rise

Before casino operators and gamblers start to get too excited it’s important to remember Corona is still around. Unfortunately, the virus hasn’t disappeared and isn’t scheduled to go away anytime soon. Sadly, many experts believe life will only begin to go back to normal once a vaccine is available. Making matters worse is the fact that across Canada infection rates are currently on the rise. The trend has been similar around the world with new countries entering a second stage of lockdowns. If Canada decides to implement another lockdown that would effectively put the brakes on casinos.

Casinos across Canada are keeping a close eye on the current situation and watching closely to see if new restrictions or closures will happen. If the rate of Canadians becoming infected keeps rising, there is good chance casinos will need to close their doors again.

With so much uncertainty about the Corona virus and what will happen next, it is difficult to predict if and when casinos will need to close their doors again. In the meantime, you can visit your local casino. Who knows how much longer they might stay open?

Whether casino will be required to close again or whether they stay open it is always good know we have our online casinos to play at. Sure, they may not offer the exact same experience as playing at land-based casinos but at least they can help us pass the time and get our casino fix.

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