Online Casino Bonus Guide

With so many different online casino bonus options available across hundreds of different sites, it’s easy to get confused and maybe even a little intimidated to try something new. Why do some online casinos offer free spins while other sites offer a deposit bonus? What’s difference between a welcome bonus and a welcome package? There are so many bonus variations that we decided to put together a detailed guide on all the different types of bonus offers you’ll come across when playing on your favorite online casinos. From welcome bonuses to free spins offers all the way to no deposit bonuses. We’ll break down the bonus by type and give our pros and cons to each one.

Bonus Type Breakdown

Welcome Bonus

Most online gambling sites including online casinos, bingo, poker, sports betting sites and more will have some type of attractive welcome bonus offer when you make your first deposit. The bonus is meant to give you a little something extra when you make a minimum deposit which can vary based on the site you’re playing on. You can always take a look at the promotions page or the terms of the welcome offer to get all the details.

Pro: Enhance your first deposit when you claim a welcome bonus. Start playing with more money giving more chances to win while also extending your play time as you have more money in your balance to play with.

Con: Claiming a welcome bonus can impose wagering requirements and restrictions and you in order to claim your winnings and not have to forfeit your winnings.

More information about Welcome Bonus here.

Welcome Package

A welcome package is exactly the same as a welcome bonus the main difference being that you will also receive additional bonuses on your second, third and even fourth deposit depending on the terms of the offer. A welcome package ensures you will continue to receive something when you make additional deposits. Most welcome bonus packages will have the strongest bonus offer on your first deposit and will subsequently go down a little for each additional deposit in the welcome package.

Pro: The welcome package offers new players of an online casino site more than just one deposit bonus on their first deposit and gives them incentive to make additional deposits to claim further bonus offers

Con: The first deposit in the welcome package will always be higher than the following deposit bonuses. Usually when there are 3 or 4 deposits in the welcome bonus package the bonus percentage will decrease from deposit to deposit with the last one being for the smallest amount.

No Deposit Bonus

While most online casino and other gambling sites offer welcome bonuses and often send promotions for re-deposit bonuses, some players prefer to opt-out of receiving bonuses at all. Although it may seem strange to some players not to want to get a little something extra on their next deposit some players will chose not to receive a bonus in order to avoid any wagering restrictions which come with every bonus offer. In order to withdraw your no deposit bonus winnings, you will need to meet specific wagering requirements which are explained in detail in the terms and conditions of the offer on the website. If you have not met these requirements you may be forced to give up any bonus money you received or winnings you earned and will only be allowed to withdraw your initial deposit amount. Players who chose not to accept any bonuses will avoid these restrictions. You can usually go to the settings of your online casino account or speak to their customer support if you would like to stop receiving bonuses before you make your next deposit.

Pro: Choosing to forfeit a bonus altogether will ensure you have no wagering requirements or special terms and conditions to meet and will allow you to withdraw your money at any time without any restrictions. You can play any slot game or other casino game you like without having to be mindful to any restrictions.

Con: No bonus means less money. By choosing to forfeit your bonus you are starting your play session with less in your balance. You can also be missing on contests and raffles which can also come with deposit bonuses. You may miss a chance to enter a raffle to win a prize.

More information about No Deposit Bonus here.

Redeposit Bonus

The classic redeposit bonus is offered to players who have made at least one deposit or more. These bonus offers are meant to incentivize players to come back and keep playing however they are almost always less than the welcome bonus offer. Some sites have automatic re-deposit bonuses which means you will instantly get a small bonus like 20% on every deposit you make while other sites will have weekly promotions on their site or sent by email offering you a deposit bonus code which will grant you something on your next deposit. These codes are usually limited to one or more days and can be cancelled at any time. The terms of the offers will vary based on the redeposit bonus offer.

Pro: Give you more incentive to come back and keep playing as you know are you always getting something when you deposit. Most players love to deposit and get a bonus. In fact, a lot of players will wait until they receive their daily or weekly deposit promotion offer before making their next deposit.

Con: Like with any bonus offer you will need to meet the terms and conditions and the wagering requirements before you can claim your winnings and avoid losing your bonus funds.

Free Tickets

Some sites like online bingo sites can offer you free tickets to big jackpot bingo rooms when you make your first or next deposit. Usually the shared pot in an online bingo room is not that substantial however there are some bingo rooms and events which occur that offer larger sum cash prizes. Depending on the offer you can receive a few tickets to purchase your bingo cards. Otherwise you would need to purchase tickets to these games which can cost quite a bit for one ticket as the prizes offered here are in the tens of thousands.

Pro: You receive tickets to big money jackpot games with the potential for big wins. Purchasing tickets to these types of games can be costly.

Con: Limited to a specific game or type of game. Doesn’t give you much freedom to play what you like. If you are not interested in the big jackpot game this will be unappealing to you.

Free Spins

Free spins bonus offers are becoming more and more popular on online casinos. When a player makes a deposit, they receive free online slot machine spins which can be given to one specific game or to a list of different games mentioned in the offer which the player can choose from. There are also online casinos offering free spins to their special wheel. Spinning the wheel will give you the chance to win free spins to slot games, bonus codes and more. Each spin on the wheel is guaranteed to win a prize.

Pro: Free spins offer you spins to select online slot games giving you a chance to win big money on some of more popular slot games available. Each spin has a dollar value usually spins on games with $1 spins or more.

Con: You are limited to use this kind of bonus on slot games only. Furthermore, most free spins promotions are limited to specific games forcing you to play only on a select few games. Some of the games including in the promotion may not be your favorite games. It’s always best to confirm on what slot games you can redeem your free spins on before you deposit.

Free Coins

Coins are usually offered at most online casinos and can be accumulated in different ways. Online casinos who give out coins will allow you to convert a certain amount of coins into bonus money. For example, for every 1,000 coins you collect you can covert it in to $1 in bonus funds. Many sites offer deposit bonuses which grant you thousands of coins on a minimum deposit amount. There are events which take place which can grant you additional coins for specific actions you take based on the website’s terms and conditions.

Pro: You can collect coins until you have accumulated a substantial amount which you can later redeem for bonus money to use to play games.

Con: Coins can sometimes expire and will be removed from your account after a certain number of weeks or months. You can always check with the online casinos you play on for more information on this. Some sites will require you to convert a higher amount of coins for every $1 in bonus money you wish to redeem for example every 10,000 coins will redeem $1 in bonus money.

Free Time Bonus

This type of bonus is given on specific games which will allow you to spin the wheel as much as you can for a period of 30 or more seconds. During the time set you will need to try and spin as much as possible to try and win as much as you can on the selected slot game. This adds an extra level of excitement as you race to beat the clock and walk away with as much winnings as you can.

Pro: Allows you to maximize play on your favorite game with the chance to win big payouts. You usually get 30 or more seconds of free play time. You can keep spinning for free until time runs out.

Con: This type of bonus offer will limit you to having to play on a specific game which is based on the offer. If you do not like the game associated with the offer, then this bonus offer type becomes less attractive.

Bingo Bonus

Online bingo sites are extremely popular in the U.K. and are starting to gain some momentum here in Canada as well. Many online bingo sites will offer welcome and redeposit bonus offers which will grant the player bonus money which can only be used to purchase bingo tickets. These tickets can be redeemed in certain bingo rooms usually with bigger daily jackpots and even special event rooms which take place once a week or once a month. These games tend to have larger payouts.

Pro: Bingo bonuses are specific to online bingo sites. This kind of bonus can be spent on purchasing bingo tickets. Each ticket you purchase across multiple different rooms will have different dollar values. Each ticket you purchase will deduct from your bonus balance.

Con: Bingo bonuses can only be used to buy bingo tickets which can limit the way you can spend your bonus money. Anyone looking to spend their bonus on slots will have the money deducted from their real balance and not their bonus balance.

Games Bonus

Games bonuses are focused on slot games. The bonuses can be redeemed on one specific game or on a selected few always mentioned in the offer. Games bonuses can also be game specific bonuses such as getting cashback on losses. Games bonuses usually focus on some of the most popular online slot games.

Pro: Can be used to play on select slot games. Can win big on popular slots games.

Con: Limited to specific slot games. If the games, you like are not included in the promotion you will be forced to play only specific games you may not enjoy as much.

Birthday Bonus

Most online casinos offer birthday bonuses to players. Once a year on your special day you’ll get a special bonus offer as a way of your favorite sites to say Happy Birthday. Some sites will have a message waiting for you when you, login while some may send you an email with a promo code inside.

Pro: Free bonus on your birthday. Who doesn’t like receiving a gift for their birthday?

Con: Birthday bonuses have wagering requirements and terms and conditions you need to be aware of so you can later have access to your winnings.

VIP Bonus

High rollers and VIP’s are nothing new to the classic land-based casinos and it’s no different for online casinos as well. Players who play often and deposit a lot will be entered into a VIP program which includes many perks, a VIP manager, gifts and more. One of the nice added values of being a VIP player is that you will usually receive better bonus offers over regular players. VIP bonus offers are always higher and exclusive just to these players.

Pro: VIP bonuses are always more attractive as they usually offer higher bonus amounts and more cashback.

Con: In order to receive VIP bonuses, you must play on the site often and spend a certain amount in deposits every month in order to earn VIP status.

Exclusive Offer Bonus

Exclusive offers are given when you sign up to an online casino through a partner site or an affiliate website which can be higher than the offer given on the website itself as this site has a special deal with certain online casinos. Sometimes you may need to use an exclusive promo code when making your first deposit and sometimes simply clicking the link and finishing the sign up and deposit will automatically get the bonus issued to you.

Pro: Exclusive offers tend to give you higher bonus amounts when making your first deposit.

Con: Usually time sensitive

Refer a Friend Bonus

Have you been playing on a new online casino and really enjoying yourself? Did you know many sites will give you a bonus for referring your friends to come join and play on their site? You can get free spins, coins bonus money and more. Each has their own refer a friend program. Once your friend makes their first deposit you will also receive your perks as well. The more friends you refer the more bonuses you can claim. Be sure to check if you’re favorite online casino has a refer a friend offer.

Pro: Get a bonus for inviting a friend to play. I am mean if you were planning to refer someone anyways way not get something in return for it.

Con: Unless your friend deposits you won’t receive anything. Simply getting someone to simply sign up is not enough.

You can usually find a wide selection of bonus offers by visiting the promotions page of every online casino and other gambling site. Be sure to read through the offers carefully to see which offers suit you best. If you are signed up to receive weekly newsletters you can gain access to special offers which are not found on the website as well.

Wagering Requirements Explained

Ever wonder if an offer seems to good to be true?  What are wagering requirements? Wagering requirements are a series of rules and requirements you need to fulfill before you can claim your winnings. Take the following example.

If you deposit $10 and receive a 100% deposit bonus offer, then you begin playing with $20. If the bonus has a wagering requirement of 4 x (deposit + bonus) that would mean you need to wager $40. Therefore, if you are playing a slot game where every spin is $1 you would need to spin the machine 40 times in order to fulfill the wagering requirements and be allowed to withdraw your winnings. The higher the wagering requirement the more you need to wager.

Terms and Conditions Explained

Along with having to meet wagering requirements on a bonus offer you also need to be aware of the terms and conditions as well. What are terms and conditions? What’s the difference between wagering requirements and terms and conditions? Although it may seem like the same thing terms and conditions cover a much broader range of topics and not just how much wagering needs to be done on the bonus you just received.

Terms and conditions can cover topics like which games you can play which will count towards your wagering requirements. Many sites will limit the slot games you can play on or types of games like no roulette in order to fulfill your bonus’s wagering requirements. It would totally suck knowing you just played a game for an hour only to find out none of it was counted towards your wagering requirements. The terms will also specify which players are eligible to receive the bonus. Some offers are meant for new players such as the welcome offer while others can be meant for everyone or maybe just VIP players.

The bonus itself can have restrictions such as a maximum amount you can receive on your deposit. Say you want to claim an offer for a 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit, but the limit is up to $50. This means if you deposit anything over $50 you will still only receive a $50-dollar bonus which is less than a 100%.

How a bonus is issued to players will also be explained in the terms. Some bonus offers will be given to you immediately once you make your deposit while other times the bonus will be given later on or may even be issued over the course of a few days. For example, deposit and get 50 free spins however only 10 spins will be issued to you on a daily basis for the next 5 days straight.

It’s important to see what the valid through dates are for an offer. Some offers can last for a day some can last for a few weeks and some indefinitely. If you don’t pay attention to the dates an offer is valid for you may miss out on claiming it.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an offer that’s too good to be true. That’s why no matter how attractive an offer might be it’s always important to understand the terms and conditions and the wagering requirements before you deposit and claim the offer. In some cases, you may decide the offer is not worth it and you would prefer to simply deposit and play without receiving anything in return thus ensuring you can play how you want whenever you like.

Always be sure to read the terms and conditions and wagering requirements to make sure you get the most out of your bonus offers.

Which online casinos offer the best welcome bonuses for Canadian players

A recent survey for online gamblers asked players what the most important thing they look for when joining a new casino. Of all the options players could choose from including payment options, withdrawal times, customer service and games selection none of these came close to the number one option. At the top of the list by far was what type of welcome bonus a player receives. Based on the responses the survey received it was quite clear most gamblers look for an enticing and massive welcome bonus or welcome package. Although a specific offer was not mentioned its quite obvious the better the welcome bonus the more likely players are to join the site.

That’s why online casinos offer such outlandish and lavish bonuses in order to attract more new players. With so many different types of welcome offers available how do you know which to choose. Some offers include free spins on your favourite slot games. Others include deposit bonuses which offer you bonus money on top of the amount you initially deposit. There are also welcome bonuses called hybrid offers which give players a mix of free spins and bonus money on their first deposit. Finally, there are welcome packages which give players attractive bonuses on their first few deposits. This ensures players have more reasons to make more than one deposit. With so many options available we’ve compiled a list of the top welcome bonus offers Canadian gamblers can claim today. Keep reading to find the one that’s right for you.

Leo Vegas

First on our list is the extremely popular Leo Vegas. The site has been around for over 10 years and has been catering to Canadian gamblers ever since. New players joining the site and making their first deposit will be able to enjoy a massive welcome offer which includes a 100% up to $1,000 bonus cash and up to 200 free spins on Book of Dead. Once players have deposited and met the wagering requirements, they will be granted a 100% bonus based on their initial deposit amount plus free spins on Book of Dead also based on the amount they deposited. For example, players depositing $10 will be able to receive 50 free spins while players who deposit 100 will receive the maximum 200 free spins. Leo Vegas uses a hybrid offer which gives players the best of both worlds.

Mr. Play

Next on our list is Mr. Play casino. This site has been around for a few years now and has been making waves ever since. The site is quite recognizable with their famous mustache logo. Once you visit the site, you’ll see the theme across the entire site. New Canadian gamblers will be able to claim a wonderful welcome offer which includes a 100% bonus up to $200 plus 20 extra spins. Players who deposit a second time will receive an additional 40 spins bonus and those who make a third deposit will receive an extra 40 spins as well. This fantastic welcome package ensures you keep claiming bonuses beyond your first deposit. In order to claim this exciting welcome package players will need to make a deposit of $20 or more each time. Sports fans will be able to claim a different welcome offer which grants them 100% bonus up to $200 on their first deposit.

Betway Casino

Another great selection on our list is Betway casino. The site has been around for many years and is powered by the Microgaming platform. New players will be able to enjoy a massive welcome bonus package totaling $1,800 in bonuses plus 50 free spins. Get a 100% bonus up to $500 when you make your first deposit. Then on your second deposit you can scop up another 100% up to $500 bonus. Your third and fourth deposits will land you a 100% bonus up to $400 each. The offer is available to all Canadian gamblers looking to claim a massive welcome package on their first four deposits. Betway has a few additional welcome offers available depending on your preference. Sports and e-sports gambling lovers will be able to claim up to $200 match bonus on their first deposit. In addition, live dealer games lovers will be able to claim a massive welcome package of up to $1,000 on their first three deposits.

888 Casino

Next on our list is 888 casino which offers new players a free no deposit bonus to get you started. While most online casinos require you to deposit money before you can receive any type of bonus offer 888 Casino lets you get started with $88 free money. In order to claim this exciting offer players simply need to signup and register a new account. Once the account is confirmed head over to your inbox to look for your free $88 email offer in order to claim your no deposit bonus. This gives new players the chance to try the games and get a feel for the site before they make a first deposit. Once you decide to deposit, you’ll be eligible to receive a 100% up to $200 welcome bonus. First you can try and then you if you like the site you can commit with a deposit. Doesn’t get much better than that.


Last on our list is the quite popular Gate777 online casino. This online casino has a fabulous welcome package new Canadian gamblers can claim. Get started with a huge 100% up to $300 deposit bonus. In addition, you’ll also get 50 free spins which can be spent on any Microgaming slot machines. The second deposit gives players a sweet 50% bonus up to $500 and another whopping 50 free spins which players can spend on any Microgaming slot of their choosing. Lastly on their third deposit new players will be able to claim another 25% bonus up to $700 plus another 50 free spins which can be redeemed on any Microgaming slot game. Besides being able to claim up to $1,500 in bonuses and 150 in free spins another great thing is that you can use your slots bonus on a huge selection of the most popular Microgaming slot games. Why limit yourself to one specific slot game when you can choose from a wide selection.

Loyalty and VIP programs – How to get more casino bonuses and perks

Whether you’re new to online casinos or you’ve been playing for a few years we’ve all heard about bonus offers. Bonuses are a great way to get more on each deposit you make and encourage players to keep depositing knowing they’ll get something for the money they just deposited. What some newer players may not be aware of are loyalty and VIP programs. In fact, most popular online casinos have dedicated loyalty programs for the best players. But how does one become a loyalty player and is it really worth the hassle to join?

Loyalty programs have been around for years and in many different industries. In fact, the concept of a loyalty or VIP program in online casinos originated in land-based casino way before online casinos were even a thing. Players that would frequent the casino and spend a certain amount of money would get preferred treatment, free drinks, tickets to free shows, free dinners and hotel rooms all comped by the hotel’s casino. This was a great retention tool the online casinos would use to build loyalty and have repeat customers keep coming back for more.

Today players can join an online loyalty program when they play regularly with an online casino and spend a certain amount of money there. Loyalty members can receive extras such bigger deposit bonus offers, free spins, free coins, exclusive promotions like cashback on your losses and much more. Once you join the club will begin to receive more bonuses and offers which regular players won’t have access to. If you’re a high roller who likes to spend big loyalty programs are the way to go. And even if you are not the biggest spender you can still join the loyalty club. Most online casino have a dedicated page on their VIP or loyalty clubs. You can visit these pages to get more information and see if the loyalty club is right for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are online casino bonuses and promotions?

With so many online casinos and options available for you to join how do online casinos separate themselves from one and other? The most popular way is by offering huge bonuses such as deposit bonuses, free spins offer, no deposit bonuses and more. Promotions and bonuses are commonly used to make online casinos stand out as players look for the best offers available which will grant them the most bang for their buck. Although there are many different kinds of bonuses available most will require you make a deposit in order to claim them except for no deposit bonus offers.

Are there any restrictions on spending my bonus?

While online casinos are happy to give out huge bonuses to attract new players or to keep existing players coming back for more, nothing is given for free. Besides having to make a deposit in order to claim your bonus players will also need to meet wagering requirements. When a player is granted a bonus, there are always wagering requirements attached. This means before you can go ahead and withdraw your winnings, you’ll need to ensure you meet the wagering requirements first. Most wagering requirements follow the basic formula of deposit + bonus times a fixed number. For example, if you deposit $10 and receive a 100% bonus of $10 then you would need to wager 10 + 10 times 5 (or whatever number the casino determines). Therefore, for a $10 bonus you need to wager 100 times in order to meet the requirements.

Can I get a deposit bonus when playing on my mobile phone?

When it comes to claiming a bonus from an online casino the type of device you play on usually doesn’t matter. Most online casinos are available to play on your mobile phone and your home computer. This means whichever device you choose to play on you will be eligible to claim a bonus offer when making a deposit. There are some online casinos that may offer a deposit bonus for mobile phone players however most online casinos don’t differentiate between which device you’re playing on.

Can I withdraw my deposit and bonus money at any time?

If you plan to make a deposit with the intent of receiving a bonus offer, then you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings until you meet the wagering requirements. While casinos are quick to give out bonuses there are always strings attached. Before you claim an offer, you can always read the full terms of the offer on their site or speak to a customer service rep. This way you will know what the wagering requirements are before you deposit. If you prefer to have no restrictions, then you can simply forego a bonus altogether. This will ensure you don’t have any limitations on your winnings.

What’s the difference between a no deposit bonus and a regular bonus?

While no deposit bonuses are less common today then they were a few years ago there are still some online casinos that offer them. In general, no deposit bonuses are used on new players that join a site for the first time. These bonus offers are issued to you once your account has been properly registered and usually require you to setup a valid payment option as well. Some no deposit bonuses are given to loyalty or VIP players as well from time to time as reward for being a loyal customer. A regular bonus can come in a variety of flavours like, free spins, bonus cash, free coins, entry into a competition and more. These bonuses all require players to meet wagering requirements before they can withdraw their winnings.