FlowPlay to Release 7 Seas a Social Free-to-Play Online Casino

FlowPlay to Release 7 Seas a Social Free-to-Play Online CasinoPlayers around the world who are still stuck at home due to the current pandemic plaguing the world or players that simply miss travel and visiting new destinations can now look forward to FlowPlay’s upcoming new release, 7 Seas Casino. This soon to be released social free-to-play game looks promising with the ability to play with people from different countries and virtually visit new and exotic destinations from around the world.

The game will follow in the footsteps of their previous social free-to-play casino games. It will offer players a full RPG like experience jam packed with popular casino games and social features including the ability to chat with gamers from around the world. According to FlowPlay CEO Derrick Morton:

“While travel is still limited, 7 Seas Casino takes players on a virtual vacation around the world. More and more people continue to turn to connected games for much-needed socializing, and we’re excited to offer our players a new destination as we expand our portfolio of industry-leading, immersive games.”

History of FlowPlay Inc.

FlowPlay was originally founded in 2006 with the intention of bringing browser-based Flash games to the masses. The company was created based on the idea of bringing engaged online communities which revolve around social and free-to-play games. This led to the creation of their massively multiplayer online lineup of games. Over the years the company has expanded to develop numerous games in the genre with an estimated base of 75 million players enjoying their games from around the world. Over the years the company has shifted their focus to mobile casino games including fully featured apps for IOS and Android devices.

About the company

In 2008 the company officially launched their Alaskan Way office with a workforce of 15 employees dedicated to creating exciting and immersive social games. That same year the company launched their first ever social based game Our World. In 2010 the company hit a milestone of 5 million players around the world. With growing success, the company expanded to offices in 2014 to accommodate the growth and success of FlowPlay. A year later they would expand into fantasy sports wagering games to expand their library of games. Over the years FlowPlay has earned numerous awards and accreditations. These include 2015 EGR North American Award, 2016 EGR B2B award, the Corporate Citizenship award and Seattle Business top 100 companies to work for in Washington.


One of the secrets to FlowPlay’s success over the years can be attributed to their innovation in technology. By forming strategic partnerships with various companies, the company has been able to offer new and exciting solutions in the world of social free-to-play games. These partnerships include Dragonchain an open source blockchain platform, Haxe a cross-platform technology, Sportradar a leading provider of sports data and OpenFL one of the worlds leading open sources HTML 5 platforms available today.

About the company’s staff

FlowPlay has always prided itself on the people behind the games they make. The company has focused on three main guiding principles over the years to achieve such great success. These principles include:

Fostering a great community

By focusing and developing a strong and healthy community the company was able to achieve a strong connection with their players. This has allowed them to retain players for longer while attracting new players at the same time.

Create amazing experiences

By consistently delivering new and exciting innovations in their games platform the company has been able to create unique and exciting gaming experiences for their players. Over the years FlowPlay has embraced new technology which has helped to deliver something unique and addictive.

Embracing change

FlowPlay tends to avoid trends and following the rest of the pack when it comes to innovations and new technology. Going against the grain the company has been able to forge their own path and become an industry leader with over 75 million users world-wide.

7 Seas social free-to-play casino

This new and exciting social game is based on some of their other successful games such as Casino World. 7 Seas Casino promises to be a unique and totally multiplayer online casino experience set on a beautiful cruise ship. The game will allow players to partake in numerous casino-based games. These include popular casino table games like: roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and many more. In addition, players will be able to enjoy a vast selection of slot games, bingo games and sports betting. Similar to Casino World FlowPlay popular casino RPG social game, 7 seas will allow players to roam the luxurious cruise ship to partake in different games.

Best of all these games are played with other players from around the world. Players will be able to interact with other casino lovers in real time chats and conversations. They will also be able to compete with one another to find out who is the best.

What sets 7 Seas Casino apart from other social free-to-play casino games is the immersive RPG elements. Players will be able to spend their winnings on purchasing charms which can help increase their chances of winning big. In addition, money can be spent to upgrade your living quarters on the cruise ship and customize their avatars with new clothes and accessories. Finally, gamblers will be able to visit new exotic locations such as Hawaii. Each new location and increase in the players level will open up new games such as shuffleboard and many more.


With 7 Seas Casino slated to come out later this year the company will be looking to release another social free-to-play powerhouse. With over 75 million people around the world playing their current selection of games 7 Seas Casino will most like be no different attracting millions of new users and social game lovers. We look forward to seeing the final product and can’t wait to play. For more news and articles like this be sure to visit us often to stay up to date on the wonderful world of online gambling and casinos.

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