How to Become an Online Casino VIP Player?

How to Become an Online Casino VIP Player?Whether you are new to online casinos or you’ve been playing for years we’ve all heard the term VIP. Even before online casinos began showing up in the late 90’s land-based casinos were already offering their own VIP programs. Players who would come often and deposited regularly were given special treatment. The concept of rewarding players for making deposits and coming back to play is nothing new.

Over the years VIP clubs have become an important part of any online casino. In fact, many online gamblers see these programs as a status symbol and a sign of importance. Who doesn’t want to be called a VIP and get special treatment and exclusive offers? So how does someone become a VIP player? Is it worth the hassle and the effort to become a VIP status member? That is why we decided to break it down and help you decide if becoming a VIP player is right for you.

The basics – What is a VIP program

Let’s start at the beginning with what is a VIP program. VIP clubs or programs are designed to reward certain players who visit the site often and make regular deposits with something more or extra than the average player gets. These rewards can include anything from bigger bonus offers, exclusive codes, exclusive prize draws and competitions as well a dedicated VIP account manager and much more.

Not all players will meet the requirements to join a VIP club. Eligible players will usually be contacted by the site directly and asked if they would like to join that site’s VIP club.

How to become a VIP

Although the requirements to join any particular VIP club will vary from casino to casino there are some general guidelines which apply to everyone. For starters, players will be required to meet a certain amount of deposits every month. They will also need to ensure they come and visit the site regularly to play. The more you deposit and more often you are online playing the faster you can become eligible to join most online casino’s VIP club.

What are the main benefits of becoming a VIP player?

Every online casino will offer their own take on a VIP program. Some may offer some perks that other sites don’t. However, it’s safe to say most online casino have a similar base offering which would include some of the following.

Bigger and better bonuses

All casinos have standard offers which they give access to all their players. These bonuses are usually listed on the website or the player’s offer area and are available to all players. VIP players on the other hand get access to bigger and better offers. These include a higher bonus amount, more free spins, unlimited code usage and more. These promotions will never be featured on the website and are not seen by regular players.

Dedicated VIP account manager

All casinos today offer some form of customer service. Whether it’s phone support, email support or live chat there is always someone you can reach out to. The downside with this kind of customer service is that there is no personal touch. You don’t get access to a dedicated agent. Most times the people you speak to will not have any prior knowledge of your previous calls to support. VIP players get access to a dedicated VIP manager. This can help you with special requests and allows you to deal with the same person across any all issues you may experience while playing.

Faster withdrawals

Another great perk to becoming a VIP are faster withdrawals. Most players need to wait a few days for the withdrawal request to be verified and processed before they can get their money. VIP players will receive their money faster. Another perk to becoming a VIP is bigger withdrawal amounts. Most players will have a maximum amount they can withdraw on a daily or weekly basis. VIP players will be entitled to request larger sums on each withdrawal.

Receive free gifts

Many online casinos will reward their VIP players with free gifts from time to time. Usually around the holiday season including Christmas many VIP players will receive personal gifts sent to their homes as a reward for being a loyal member of their VIP club.

Understanding VIP levels

Another important element to understand when looking to join a VIP program are VIP levels. Although all casinos offer their own version of a VIP program not all VIP players are considered the same. In fact, many online casinos use VIP levels such as Silver, Gold and Platinum. Often times players will begin at the lowest level of a VIP program and can then work their way up the ladder over time. More often then not you will need to deposit more money and come back to play more days every month.

In the past players could attain certain VIP levels over time and would remain at the same level unless they kept playing and moved up. Today many online casinos will assign VIP levels based on your ongoing activity. This means if you fail to maintain your current level of deposits and activity days then next month you could see your VIP level drop. Even worse if you stop playing for an extended period of time you might be removed from the VIP program altogether.

Not all VIP programs were created equal

If you’re planning to join a new online casino with the intention of becoming a VIP player then it’s important to know the following. Not all VIP programs are the same. It’s important to check what each site offers their VIP players. Most sites will have a dedicated page for their VIP club which can help you better understand what you’ll be getting. Make sure the perks that matter to you are the ones they offer in their VIP program.

Is worth becoming a VIP

The answer really depends on each player and what they are looking for with their online casino experience. If you’re looking to sign up and play casually every so often or if you find yourself playing on many different sites or constantly opening new accounts, then we think the answer is no. However, if you do plan to play often and deposit a lot and if you like the site and decide to come back and keep playing then the VIP program is totally worth it.

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