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Interac casinos CanadaInterac Casinos or online casinos which offer Interac payments have been steadily increasing over time. For many years online casino gamblers in Canada have been struggling to find a simple and safe deposit method to use. Interac Direct Payment (IDP) is an exclusive payment service available only in Canada which allows Canadians to make a deposit using their bank account.

Interac is the national debit card service system for purchasing any goods or services in stores and online across all of Canada. Interac connects directly to your chequing or savings account and allows a deposit to your online casino account to be deducted directly from your bank account immediately based on the funds you may have available. Many online casinos catering to Canadian players do not offer credit card payments due in part to restriction placed by Canadian banks and credit card providers. This makes using Interac so much more convenient and easier to use for Canadian online casino players.

For many years online casino players in Canada would need to open accounts with 3rd party payment services like Ukash, EcoPayz or Paysafecard to name a few just make a deposit since they were unable to deposit with their existing credit cards. In recent years more and more online casinos in Canada have begun offering Interac dsloeposits. This has become a preferred method for making deposits as its very safe and secure and does not require of you to open another 3rd party account which you need to connect to your credit card or bank account and let’s be honest who wants to remember another username and password to another account you will most likely barely use.

Before you decide to signup and make your first deposit it’s important to remember to check if the online casino you want to play at offers Interac deposits. Most casinos will have a dedicated page with more information on which deposit and withdrawal methods are available. You can also scroll down to the bottom of the homepage as many casinos will usually display their most popular deposit method logos down there. Some casinos may offer deposit bonus offers based on which deposit method you choose so always be sure to keep an eye out. Below we’ve compiled some fun and informative info on Interac casinos in Canada. We also answer some the most frequently asked questions we get about using Interac as a deposit and withdrawal method. No matter what you’re deposit method preference, it’s always good to know about all your options and see which one works best for you.

What is Interac Direct Payment Service?

Interac Direct Payment was originally launched in Canada back in 1984 through the non-profit Interac Association which was essentially a joint venture between 5 different Canadian financial institutions which included Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Bank), Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), Scotiabank and Desjardins bank. In 2010 the number of members in the association had grown significantly to from 5 to 80 members. Today the number of merchants that accept and use Interac and the number of customers choosing to pay using Interac continues to grow. There are currently around 60,000 ATM’s across Canada that accept Interac and almost half a million merchants that accept Interac as payment option for the purchase of any goods and services they offer.

Interac payments are available with all Canadian bank accounts. When you open a new bank account with your preferred bank you will receive a debit card which can be used to perform different transactions at ATM machines such as withdraw or deposit money as well as make Interac transfers from one account to another. Your debit card can also be used to make purchases at local places of business across Canada using the Interac terminal usually located by the cash register and can also be used at many online stores and casino catering to Canadian users by entering your card details and bank account PIN number to make a purchase.

How to Use Interac?

Using Interac is extremely simple and easy to use whether your making a purchase online or at a brick and mortar store that accepts this payment option. If you’re trying to make a payment at a brick and mortar store you will need to insert your bank’s debit card which contains a special chip embedded into your bank card into the Interac card reader located by the cashier. You will then be asked to confirm the amount you want to pay. Then you will need to choose between your different chequing or savings accounts if you have more then one. Finally, you will need to enter your bank account’s personal identification number or PIN in order to complete your purchase. Once you enter your information the payment will be automatically deducted on the spot from your chequing or savings account depending on which account you prefer to deduct the payment from. If you’re making a purchase online, you will need to start by entering your debit card number following this you will be prompted to enter your PIN number in order to complete the purchase. The money will be deducted automatically from your account just like making a purchase at a store.

In the event you are trying to make a purchase whether online or at a store and you do not have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover the cost of the good or service you want to buy the transaction will fail and you will not be able to complete the transaction. It is always important to make sure you know how much money is sitting in your bank account before attempting to make a purchase with Interac.

What are the Advantages of Using Interac?

It would seem that all across Canada merchants as well as consumers prefer making purchases with Interac rather than paying with cash. In 2001 the number of payment transactions made using Interac surpassed transactions using physical money.

The first benefit of using Interac to make a purchase is knowing you can only make the purchase if there are sufficient funds available in your account as opposed to making a purchase using a credit card which you may not actually have the funds to cover the cost but will still allow you to make the purchase on credit. Using credit cards is how many people find themselves getting into debt over time as they will buy things, they can’t actually afford at the time they purchase something.

Interac allows you to avoid having to walk around with bulky wallets and tons of loose change in your pocket. All you need is your debit card to make a purchase at any online store or at a brick and mortar location. It’s also easier to keep track of all your small change which can also cause your wallet to bulk up in size.

Many online casinos in Canada also prefer using Interac as a simple deposit and withdrawal method and will offer deposit bonuses as well for Canadians using Interac to make their first deposit. Because this method is considered to be so safe and secure many Canadian online casinos will encourage their players to use Interac when making a deposit.

What are the Fees Associated with Interac?

Like all other payment services, it’s important to remember that using Interac has fees associated with it. When you make a deposit at your favourite online casino accepting Interac payments you will be charged a fee of $0.025. Depending on the type of transaction or activity you are performing using Interac, the service fee may change. All deposit options will have a fee when you make your deposit however Interac is always safer and more secure for depositing and withdrawing your winnings. This is why this option has become so popular over the years and appeals to so many Canadian players.

Best Interac Casinos in Canada

Canadian casino lovers have been gambling for years and have always seemed to face the same issue. Which deposit method should they use? For starters credit card companies decided to restrict deposits made at online casinos fairly early on when online casino first started becoming popular. Since then many 3rd party payment companies have come and gone each offering you different and not always safe and secure ways of getting around your credit card company’s restrictions. Some of these services available over the years allowed you to deposit in different ways such as billing your phone provider so that each deposit you made would get added to your monthly phone bill which you would then need to pay to the phone company. Many of these services would usually connect to your credit card or bank account and would allow you to transfer money in to a 3rd party account or make a payment indirectly through your credit card. Some of these companies include Skrill, Paypal and Ukash. With so many options it’s hard to know which service to use.

Another frustration with other 3rd party payment companies is the different fees they all take. Probably the biggest headache involves having to open a new account with these companies and provide them with all your personal and private information as well as your banking or credit card details. Although many of these companies pride themselves on keeping your personal and credit card or bank account details safe some 3rd party payment providers have misused their user’s data or have been breached and had their customer data stolen.

Since Interac was first launched as a deposit and withdrawal option for players, Interac has steadily increased in popularity and use. Today many Canadian gamblers prefer using Interac as it’s safe and secure. The fact you don’t need to open a new account and provide more private information to a 3rd party payment company is another great added value. Many online casinos catering to Canadian players offer Interac deposits and withdrawal which you can easily locate with their famous yellow Interac logo. Here are some of our top picks for best Interac online casino in Canada.

Play Amo

This online casino offers a whopping 100% up to $500 bonus + 100 free spins on your first deposit. You can process withdrawals within 12 hours and yes of course they accept Interac deposits. Play Amo offers over 2,100 casino games and live dealer games. To keep the fun going, they also offer a sweet 50% bonus up to $1,000 + 50 free spins when you make your second deposit. You’ll also find weekly promotions and special offers. They offer a quick and easy signup process guaranteed to get you signed up and logged in within a few minutes.

Leo Vegas

Another top pick is Leo Vegas. This online casino has been catering to Canadian gamblers for years and is another great pick offering Interac deposits. Some of the reason we like this casino is they offer instant play, you can play on the go with their mobile and tablet play options and they have a huge selection of games available including many slot machines and various table games. Leo Vegas also has a good selection of live dealer games. If you find yourself in need of assistance, they also have 24/7 support by phone or email. If you’re looking to deposit with Interac Leo Vegas a great option.

Casimba Casino

Casimba is another good option when you’re looking to make a deposit with Interaca. This online casino offers Canadian gamblers a great 200% welcome bonus up to $5,000 + 50 free spins. You’ll get access to quick withdrawal up to 24 hours. Casimba offers a great selection of slot machines and progressive jackpot games as well as great casino table games to choose from. If you’re playing on the go Casimba has a great mobile casino. Players who experience any technical issues or other problems will be able to contact support via a 24/7 live chat on the site or if you prefer you can also email or call their customer service team.

888 Casino

888 Casino has been around since 1997 and is a veteran in the world of online casinos. This casino which runs on their own dragonfish proprietary software caters to Canadian gamblers. For starters you’ll get a 100% welcome bonus offer up to $200. You’ll also find a huge selection of casino games such as live dealer games slots and progressive jackpots, casino table games, slot races and more. Most importantly you will be able to deposits and withdraw using Interac. You can also choose to play in a variety of different languages such as English and French. They are also fully licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling commission.

Jackpot City

Another popular online casino catering to Canadian gamblers is Jackpot City casino. New players signing up and making their first deposit will enjoy a massive welcome package up to $1,600. The welcome package gives you 100% up to $400 bonus on your first 4 deposits totaling $1,600 in bonuses. The casino is available to play in many different languages including English and French. They offer a wide selection of games including live dealer games. If you find yourself experiencing any issues they offer 24/7 live chat support as well as phone and email support. You can also deposit and withdraw using Interac.

Interac Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I deposit using Interac at online casinos?

Many Canadian online casinos or online casino catering to Canadian gamblers offer Interac as an option to deposit funds and withdraw your winnings. Interac is a safe and secure method available only in Canada. Before you make a deposit, you can head over to the cashier of scroll down to the bottom of the home page to make sure the casino you want to play at offers Interac. Usually the most popular logos will appear there. If you’ve checked the website and are still unsure you can always speak to live chat which is available on most sites 24/7.

Are there any restrictions or limitations on the amount of money you can deposit using Interac?

Currently the only limitation is based on the balance in your bank account. Because Interac automatically deducts the amount you deposit from your bank account you must have sufficient funds in your checking or savings account in order to cover the transaction. Any attempt to deposit funds without having them already in your bank account will be declined immediately. Depositing with Interac is different from other 3rd party deposit methods as you need to have access to the funds whereas with other payment providers you can usually link the account to a credit card allowing you to essentially bill your credit card.

Can I withdraw funds to my Interac account or is it only for making deposits?

If you are able to deposit using Interac you will able to make a withdrawal using Interac as well. In order to this you must head over to the cashier and click on withdraw to select the amount you want to withdraw. Then you will be given a few options to choose from on how you would like to receive your money. Simply choose Interac to receive your funds using this option. Keep in mind withdrawing to Interac or choosing a different option will not have any affect on the time it will take to receive your money. In order to find out how long it will take to receive your money from the time you request a withdrawal you need to visit the site’s terms, or you can speak with support to find out more information. Some online casinos will issue your payment in 24 hours while most others will usually take a couple of days.

Are there taxes on Interac withdrawals?

Usually online casinos are not subject to taxes in Canada however it is always recommended looking over the terms of the online casino you are playing at. You can also reach out to support to get some information or you can always check with your local tax office as well to see if there are any taxes on any online casino winnings.

Are there wagering requirements on Interac withdrawals?

Wagering requirements are not imposed on players depending on which deposit method they use but rather based on the type of bonus they receive. The wagering requirements are always set by the online casino depending on which bonus type you receive. For example, if you receive free spins or if you received bonus money you may have different wagering requirements. Also each casino is responsible for setting their own wagering requirements on bonuses they offer to players therefore you always need to check the terms and conditions of each bonus offer you receive to know what the wagering requirements will be in order for you to withdraw you winnings.

Why isn’t Interac available at every online casino?

Interac is only available in Canada and works with your Canadian bank account. Anyone outside will not have access to Interac Direct Payments. Some online casinos which are not based in Canada but cater to Canadian gamblers may only offer the most common deposit methods available around the world as many of their players will not be from Canada. Just because an online casino offers deposits in Canadian dollars does not mean they accept Interac deposits. Before you deposit you should always check with the casino on their deposit page or by contacting their support team which are usually available 24/7 to make sure it’s available. You can also keep an eye for the yellow Interac logo which will usually appear at the bottom of the home page of most online casinos.

What are Interac Casinos?

Interac casinos are online casinos which accept Interac deposits. These casinos offer the same selection of slots, progressive jackpot games and casino table games like any other online casino. Online casino are usually referred to as Interac casinos when searching online or visiting review and informative sites like

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