Mobile Casino

Mobile casinos have been steadily gaining in popularity in Canada among online casino lovers. Over the years, improvement to the components inside our mobiles phone such as sharper and bigger screens sizes, better processor speeds and faster data connection speeds have all helped contribute to this trend. Back in 2007 it was estimated that roughly 7% of online casino players were playing on their phones or tablets. In 2016 it was estimate over 50% of online casino players were gambling on their mobile phones. In 2019 this trend is expected to continue growing due to the availability of many great cellphone options available at lower prices. You don’t need to own an iPhone anymore to play on your favourite mobile casino.

So how do you get started? Which online casino is best to play on your phone or tablet? Is there a difference between downloading an app or playing on your mobile browser? You don’t need to worry has you covered. We’ll help you get started and cover all the basics plus give you some useful tips and information to help best find the right mobile casino for you. Whether your new to mobile casinos or a veteran player there’s something here for everyone.

How to Open a New Account at a Mobile Casino and Get Started

Mobile casino CanadaBefore you decide to open a mobile casino account it’s always best to do a little research before and see which mobile casinos might be right for you. There are many reviews available especially when downloading an app from the Apple’s AppStore or the Google Play store. This can help you get a better idea if the app is experiencing issues or if players are complaining. It’s also important to find out if the online casino you want to play at uses an app or a mobile website which we will explain in more detail below.

Once you selected the casino you want to play at you will need to register a new real money account. You can sign up on your mobile phone’s browser by visiting the online casinos website or you can register your account through the app if the casino has one. Once you enter your personal information and complete the signup form you will be able to make your first deposit.

Head over to the cashier to enter the amount you want to deposit and choose from a wide assortment of different payment option in order to make your first deposit. Most mobile casinos will offer a first deposit bonus or even a welcome bonus package which includes additional deposit bonuses on your 2nd, 3rd and even 4th deposits. If you prefer not to receive a deposit bonus as you prefer to not have any wagering requirements, then you can usually request this from support or look on the site for more information on how to forgo the bonus.

Now that you’ve completed signing up and making a deposit head to casino lobby to select a game and start playing and spending your welcome bonus. Almost all the games you can find when playing on computer can also be found in the mobile version as well. Now you can play on the go.

Mobile Casino Games

Many of today’s online casino games available in Canada can now be found on your mobile phone or tablet when playing at your favourite mobile casino. There is a wide selection of games like roulette, poker, blackjack, slots and more. Playing on the go has increased in popularity and continues to grow.

Mobile casinos allow Canadian gamblers to play wherever they are. Whether you play on your mobile browser or you play using an app you installed on your phone most of the games and features will be the same. It is important to note the gameplay experience which can include features such as the graphics and sounds will always be slightly better when playing with a dedicated app. When you play through your browser, you’re actually playing the mobile version of the website you would normally play on your computer. This means everything has been resized to fit your phone’s screen which can cause some games or casino lobbies to look a little worse as compared to an app. There are also additional games which are only available with an app when playing on your mobile phone and not when using the browser.

Either way you can find almost all the various casino games offered on your computer or on your mobile phone as well whether you play through your phone’s browser or using an app.

Mobile roulette

Mobile roulette has become more popular as casino games and online casinos continue to evolve. The average mobile phone screen size has increased over the years to the point where you can now properly enjoy the experience on your mobile phone. The average screen size is now around 6 inches which allows game makers to make nicer looking games which use a better layout.

Depending on if you play in portrait mode or in landscape mode on your mobile phone the layout will be slightly different. If your phone is held in portrait mode, the wheel will most often appear on the top half of the screen while the grid with the numbers and all the side betting options will be located in the bottom half of the screen right under the wheel. If you’re playing in landscape mode, the wheel will be placed on the right side of the screen and the number grid and side bet options will be located to the right of the wheel. Depending on which version of roulette you choose to play you will have different betting options available to you. Once you place your bet you can hit the spin button to start the game.

Mobile blackjack

It’s no surprise mobile blackjack has become one of the most popular games being played in Canada on mobile casinos. Blackjack has been around for hundreds of years and is usually one of the more popular games being played at online casinos and land-based casinos today.

Mobile blackjack lets you enjoy all the different versions of blackjack being played today. Depending on how you choose to play the game the layout maybe slightly different. If you are playing in portrait mode, the top half of the screen will show the dealers cards while the bottom half of the screen will show your cards. You can find the different betting options on the right-hand and left-hand sides of the screen. If you play in landscape mode, the table will look more familiar as it resembles the same layout you would see on your computer. The dealer’s cards appear on the top and your cards appear underneath. The different side betting options and amounts will be located under your cards as well to the left and right side of the screen.

Most mobile casinos will offer classic blackjack, European blackjack and Pontoon. You can even find live blackjack which can be enjoyed with a live dealer and live players adding another level of excitement to an already great game.

Mobile Slots

Mobile slots are probably the most popular and definitely the most fun and exciting casino game available today with their beautiful graphics and engaging stories. Mobile slots have exploded over the past few years and have become very popular on social gaming as well as real money online and mobile casinos. Companies like Playtika, the leading producer of social slot games are helping bring slots to the masses as a fun way to pass the time. The main difference between playing these games and playing slots at a mobile casino is that you can’t play here for real money. When you play on a real money mobile casino you can win or lose real money.

With so many slot games and providers to choose from the options are almost endless. You can even sign up to mobile slots casinos which only offer slot games. Many of the most popular slot games being played on computers can be found on mobile casinos as well. These games include all the same bonus features, multipliers, scatters, free spins and bonus rounds. If you’re playing on an app the graphics and sounds are almost comparable to playing on your computer. Be sure to visit the lobby at your favourite mobile casino to find out what slot games are available for you to play.

Mobile Casinos Progressive Jackpot Slots

For those online casino players looking to strike it rich quick and live out the casino dream of cashing out BIG there is no other option as appealing and alluring as playing a progressive jackpot game. Progressive slot machines or games are slot games which offer the player a chance to win a massive and continuously growing jackpot if they hit a very specific combination of symbols. Some progressive jackpot games will reach sums in the millions. In order to offer such large payouts progressive jackpot games are linked across many different online casinos. Every time someone plays the game and looses a portion of the loss is added to the jackpot. Over time the jackpot will add up and increase and, in some cases, even reaching millions of dollars.

Mobile casinos also offer many of the most popular progressive jackpots. Canadian online casino players looking to become the next millionaire can find progressive jackpots by playing on their mobile phone’s browser as many online casinos are designed using responsive design which resizes the website so it will properly display on your phone. The other option to play progressive jackpots on your mobile phone is by downloading and installing an app. These apps can be found in the AppStore or Google Play store where you can download them for free. Some of the more popular progressive jackpots you can play include:

Mega Moolah

This game is currently one of the most popular progressive jackpot games being played around the world. This African themed slot has 5-reels and total of 25 paylines. The game usually has a jackpot of one million or more. Depending on the currency you chose to play in the jackpot will be paid out to you in that currency meaning if you win a jackpot of $2.5 million and you’re playing in Canadian dollars you will get paid in Canadian dollars as well. This game has been adapted for mobile phones and can be played on iPhone and Android devices.

Age of Gods

Another popular progressive slot game Age of Gods is based on Greek mythology and features everyone’s favourite Gods of Olympus. This game is developed by PlayTech one of the leading providers of online slot machines. This game offers 5-reels and up to 25 paylines. Age of Gods has beautiful graphics and great sound with a chance to win a massive jackpot. In order to claim the prize, you need to trigger a special bonus game which gives you the chance to win the progressive jackpot.

Mobile Casinos on iOS

In 2019 Canadian’s still prefer IOS to Android phones but not by too much as Android has been closing the gap over the years with better and cheaper phones. For casino players with an Apple iPhone they would need to download the casino app for IOS. A few years back playing on an iPhone was always the better experience however today with a wide selection of good Android phones the experience has gotten a lot closer.

In order to get started you’ll need to start by going to your iPhone’s AppStore. Now you will need to search for the online casino app you want to download. Keep in mind not all online casinos will have apps available. If you don’t know which app to download you can read some user reviews to get a little more insight before you decide. One you install the app you can login and start playing. If you have an existing account, you will be able to sign in with that account to play otherwise you will need to sign up and open a new account.

You can also play on your iPhone’s Safari or other browser you use to play at your favourite mobile casino without having to download an app.

Mobile Casinos on Android

Android phones are extremely popular around the world in places like Europe, India, Asia and the Middle East. In Canada Android phones have been quickly catching up to Apple’s iPhone which now holds around 49% of the market share. Casino lovers with an Android phone can also enjoy playing at their favourite casinos by downloading an app or by playing through their mobile phone’s browser like Goolge’s Chrome browser.

In order to get started playing on your Android mobile phone you will need to head over to the Google Play Store by opening the Google Play app on your phone. There you can search for your favourite casino and read reviews from players like you who have already downloaded and used the app. Reviews can let you know if an app is buggy or has any issues which may affect your playing experience. Keep in mind not all online casinos have mobile apps for Android devices however you can always head over to the website on your phone’s mobile browser and play from there. Most online casinos today have mobile websites as well which means the site will automatically adjust itself to fit the size of your phone’s screen. Now you can play on the go or in the comfort of your own home.

Mobile Casinos vs. Online Web-Based Casinos

The main question we get asked when it comes to deciding whether to play on a computer or mobile phone is which of the two options is better. To better answer this question, it’s important to understand what the main differences are between playing on your computer or playing on a mobile or tablet device.

Computers and mobile phones have come a long way since online casinos started appearing in the late 1990’s. Today your phone can do many of the same things your computer can. So, what is the difference between playing on a computer and playing on your phone? Although mobile phones have improved greatly over the years, they still don’t offer all the functions and features you can find when playing on your computer. Unfortunately, some features like bonus wheels and other special games are not compatible when playing on your phone. Other casino games are only available when playing on your computer. Some of the freebies you will receive from the casino you play at will only be available for you to claim when you login on your computer. In general, the overall experience is better on a computer where the games have incredible graphics and sounds and run smoother than on your mobile or tablet device.

Playing on mobile phones has improved a lot over the years as technology continues to improve while prices for good Android devices are going down and becoming a lot more affordable as compared to iPhones which are always way more expensive around a thousand dollars. The experience of playing on your mobile phone can also be affected depending on how you choose to play. Many mobile casinos offer apps you can download and install on your phone. These provide a similar casino experience as playing on computer although not exactly the same. If the mobile casino you wish to play at doesn’t have an app you will need to login or signup to a new account through your mobile phone’s browser. This will still give you access to many of the same games and features as you would have access to if you were playing on the app.

In Canada most online casino players tend to mix it up and play on computers and mobile phones. Many players will choose to play on their computers when they’re home while players who want to enjoy a little action on go can play on their mobile phones. In order to determine which version to play on you need to think about what’s more important to you. You should also consider if you prefer to play on a site that has an app or a site that uses a mobile web browser.

In the end you will find most of the games available on whichever platform you prefer to play on. You can always do some research before you decide to see which online casino have good mobile casino options as well. Some online casinos are not suited to play on your mobile device.

Mobile Casinos Questions and Answers

Is it legal to play in Canada on mobile casinos?

Mobile casinos are just like regular online casinos. Currently there is no law or legislation which prohibits Canadians from depositing and playing at online casinos. If you are already signed up to an online casino you can usually find an app or login through your phone’s browser to play with your existing account.

Can you get deposit bonuses on mobile casinos?

Mobile casinos offer the same bonuses you can find at other online casinos you would play on your computer. You can receive bonus money, free spins to games or a no deposit bonus if that’s what you prefer.

Is it safe to play on mobile casinos?

Playing on mobile casinos is no more or less safe than playing on your computer. It is always recommended to do a little research before you signup and deposit with any online casino regardless if it’s on your mobile or tablet device or if its on your computer. Usually online casino which are licensed and regulated are good place to start.

How do I deposit money on a mobile casino?

You can deposit money on a mobile casino just like you would on your computer by simply heading over the cashier in the app or through your phone’s browser to select the amount you want to deposit and the payment option you prefer to use.