Playtech to Open Their First Live Studio in the United States

Playtech to Open Their First Live Casino Studio in the United StatesPlaytech one of the world’s leading gaming developers and innovators of gambling technology has recently signed a deal that will see them open their first gaming studio to serve the US market. This historic event comes after years of Playtech trying to enter the US market as the country is not currently regulated and open to operators from all countries. Playtech’s new multi-year lease agreement will ensure the company plans to stay for the long term. The company is planning to create a mega studio complex in Michigan later this year. The new studio will provide local jobs and help boost the local economy.

It’s been a long time coming

It’s hard to imagine that players in the United Stated could once play freely online and join casinos from around the world. However, in 2006 the government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Essentially this law prohibited online casinos that were not based in the United States and government regulated to accept payments from US citizen. Any online casino operator that continued to accept payments would be fined and jailed if ever they set foot in the US. There are quite a few stories of CEO’s and online casino owners being arrested and jailed for violating this law. In the time since company’s like Playtech have mostly stayed out the US market in order to avoid any issues or legal complications.

In the past few years Playtech has signed agreements and partnerships with US companies which have allowed them to distribute some of there games and services to the US market. The current agreement that signed will ensure Playtech grows their presence in the United States and helps cement their future as powerhouse and leading company in the field.

Previously entered the US market

Although the company is extremely excited to be entering the US market and open their first online gaming studios, this isn’t the first time Playtech has entered the US. Last year Playtech casino launched their first casino with the help of Bet365 in the state of New Jersey. This marked a big step for the company as previously they were forced to exit the US market back in 2006 or risk being fined and prosecuted due to changes in the law. The partnership with Bet365 allowed the company to expand their offering of games and products to the US market. In addition to open in New Jersey Playtech continues to apply for licensing in new jurisdictions. This will allow them to open new casino and expand into new markets. In the past few years the United States government has begun to ease up on some restrictions and opening up the market to private gaming companies and casino operators.

What the new agreement means?

In 2021 Playtech is making big moves and growing their presence in the United States. The company’s newly signed multi-year lease agreement will allow them to open their first live casino studio in the country. Currently Playtech has their flagship gaming and casino studio in Riga Latvia. The company has promised they will be building a state-of-the-art facility that will match their studios in Latvia. Playtech has expressed their excitement in coming to Michigan where they hope to contribute to the community by offering locals more jobs and opportunities to join the gaming industry.

In the months to come Playtech will be bringing their cutting-edge technology and gaming innovations to Michigan. The studio will feature custom rooms with multiple tables and venues. The new location will host hundreds of staff including dealers, operators and more. The new location is expected to create a slew of new jobs and opportunities for the already booming city of South Field in Michigan. This booming tech hub has seen a rise in the last few years with more and more tech companies setting up shop in the area. Playtech’s new studio will only help cement South Field as the new tech hub for Michigan.

Moving Forward

Although the company has not announced an official date for the opening of the new gaming studio in Michigan Playtech will be moving full steam ahead in the coming months. They plan to open a multi-level state of the art complex. This new gaming studio will feature multiple rooms with a wide selection of games and dealers. The dealers will be from the local Michigan area which will help add more jobs to the local economy. All the games will be featured in 4K HD video quality with high fidelity sounds and music. Playtech is expected to open their doors in 2022 with the intent of staying and growing in the years to come. This is evidenced by the multi-year deal they signed for the studio they plan to open. This just goes to show their confidence in this new venture.


It’s already April and 2021 is shaping up to be another great year for Playtech. Besides the new agreement and plans to open a new casino studio in Michigan the company has more in store before the year is done. They are also planning to launch a slew of new games to delight gamblers from around the world. We look forward to seeing what new games and surprises Playtech has in store for us in 2021 and beyond. For more news and articles like this be sure to visit regularly for all the latest info.

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