Softweave Enters Canada with a Revolutionary New Product

Softweave Enters Canada with a Revolutionary New ProductIt’s no surprise that in the past year more and more Canadians are joining and playing at online casinos. Lockdowns around the country have forced people to stay home while many places of business continue to remain closed. In places like Quebec where a nightly lockdown has been in effect for months, people need to find new ways to pass the time. That’s why many Canadians will be happy to hear Softweave has recently signed a deal to distribute their award-winning Winafar technology to Canadian online casinos.

But who are Softweave and what is so special about their Winafar technology? Keep reading to learn more about Softweave and their exciting new product launching this year across Canada.

Who is Softweave?

Softweave was originally founded back in 2010 and has been on a steady rise to becoming an industry leader. The company was initially made up of a collection of enthusiastic gamblers which has since grown to become a company of experts and leaders in providing online casino gaming solutions. Softweave is focused on delivering high quality games and a unique gaming experience using their proprietary HTML 5 gaming platform. Today Softweave is focusing on harnessing their years of experience to connect technology and business together in order to deliver the best possible gaming experience to players around the world.

What games and services do they offer?

Over the years Softweave has been able to expand their selection of games and services they have been offering players around the world. For over 10 years Softweave have been developing a wide selection of casino gaming products, remote gaming servers, HTML 5 based games and live tables games to name a few. In recent years Softweave has shifted focus to their HTML 5 platform which allows them to deliver top notch casino games across all platforms.

If you love to play on your laptop or if you prefer to gamble on the go, Softweave games can be enjoyed anyway you like. The company prides itself on their ability to use cutting edge technology to deliver industry leading experiences to all casino lovers. Best of all the games can be enjoyed without having to download any software to your phones or computers.

Introducing Winafar

Although the company has been around for over ten years making games and leading-edge technology, Softweave has never stopped innovating. Last year with the rise of the global pandemic the company released their latest innovation, Winafar. But what is Winafar and what makes it so interesting? Winafar allows gamblers to play real slot machines located in real land-based casinos as if they were in the local venue but from safety and comfort of their own homes. Essentially you can play your lucky slot machine at your fav casino through your computer or mobile device. In fact, the software is so innovative the company won the EGR B2B awards last year for best innovation in RNG casino software.

So how exactly does their live slots platform work? The platform is a one-of-a-kind patented product which allows land-based casinos owners looking to maximize their revenue and attract new clients since having to shut their doors to keep going. The slot machines are streamed in HQ video back to the user, so they feel like they are actually in their fav venues. Also using top of the line audio equipment, Winafar not only looks it sounds even better. In order to get started players can deposit money to their e-wallet in order to play real physical slot machines without leaving their homes.

Exploded on to the scene

At the start of 2020 no one could have predicted the world would enter a global lockdown but in a few short months it did. Many companies and businesses suffered the effects such as land-based casinos, restaurants, bars and more. For Softweave this proved to be the opposite. In 2020 the company burst onto the scene when they launched their new product in New Jersey.

With most land-based casinos closing to the public Winafar became extremely popular and saw a huge interest in their product grow. Casinos looking to recover some of their losses from not being able to open to the public and gamblers not being able to visit their favourite casinos found a perfect fit with Winafar.

Moving forward

After seeing so much success in the past year Softweave has now recently signed a deal with Canadian games distributor RBY Gaming. The new deal will allow Softweave to offer their award winning Winafar platform to Canadian gamblers across the country. This new deal will allow gamblers in Canada to enjoy some of their favourite slot games from the most popular land-based casinos in the country. Softweave is looking forward to expanding into more and more venues and online casinos to offer players a bigger selection of slots to chose from.


As the pandemic continues to affect Canadian’s daily lives and we patiently wait for life to return to normal it’s nice to know we can still play our favourite slot games. After an incredible year in 2020 Softweave will be looking to expand their offerings and reach in Canada and across the world. The demand for online casino entertainment continues to grow and this year will be no different from last year. We look forward to seeing what new games and technology Softweave has in store for us. Be sure to visit out site regularly for more news and articles like this.

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