Useful Online Blackjack Tips and Tricks

Useful Online Blackjack Tips and TricksBlackjack has been enjoyed by gamblers around the world for the past few hundred years. The game was originally invented in France around the 1700’s and has been a staple at casinos ever since. Over the years Blackjack has evolved into many different variations. Some of these new versions of blackjack include pontoon, European blackjack, blackjack switch, Spanish 21 and a few more.

Online blackjack has also evolved and now has the latest graphics and technology. You can now place side bets. You can also choose to play against other humans or sit at a table with a live dealer. Whether your new to the game or a veteran, blackjack players are always looking for useful tips and tricks to help give them the edge they need to win. We’ve compiled some tips we think will be helpful on your quest to becoming a blackjack pro.

Don’t think like a gambler

At first glance this piece of advice may not seem to useful, so let’s explain it a little more. Blackjack is a game based on statistics and not on pure luck. If you try to play the game like you would slots or other table games, you’ll find yourself losing your money fast. In order to succeed we recommend getting a basic understanding of the blackjack strategy chart. This chart will let you know when it’s best to hit, stay, double or split. It’s important to remember these are recommendations on what you should do based on the cards you have and what the dealer is showing.

Know when to hit

Becoming a better blackjack player requires you know when to hit and when to stay. Sometimes it might seem like a bad idea to hit or you might be unsure based on your current card count. Many professional blackjack players recommend that if you have a total of 8 or less that you always hit no questions asked. Many of these players will also choose to double. At the same time if you have a card total between 17 and 21 it’s highly recommended that you always stand.

Choose the right version of blackjack

Since the game of blackjack was invented many new versions and variations have popped up over the years. Although these games are all based on blackjack it’s important to understand the difference between each one. Some of these variations have different rules which can cause you to lose or have a bad experience gambling. It’s important to learn the rules and nuances of each version of blackjack before you jump in and start betting real money. Besides reading about the rules and differences you can usually find a free or fun version of the game where you can practice without having to spend your money.

Choose the right online casino

Choosing the right version of blackjack is important however choosing the right online casino can be just as important. Make sure the online casino is reputable and offers the version of blackjack you’re looking for. With thousands of online casinos to chose from it can be easy to fall on one that’s a scam or takes all your money. Before you deposit and start playing be sure take a few mins to research them before you sign up and deposit.

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